The Orchard is committed to eradicating the stigma of addiction and fostering a new, sustainable culture of recovery. We build strong communities of recovery that, in turn make meaningful contributions to society as a whole. We are leaders in the growing recovery advocacy movement in Canada and we celebrate recovery!

Lorinda Strang, Executive Director & Co-Founder, Personal Recovery Established 1989

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As an agent of social and cultural change, the Orchard Recovery Center has taken a lead role in the North American recovery advocacy movement. Besides contributing to the passage of parliamentary bills and influencing public policy, the Orchard has also been resourceful, advancing research, introducing new technology within the industry, and rethinking detoxification protocols. By educating the public and collaborating with hospital fellowships, the Orchard is helping to train the addiction doctors of tomorrow, thereby raising the profile and standards of addiction recovery programs nationwide.


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We are community builders that offer strength in numbers through a wide variety of events we create, build on and participate in including Alumni Days, Recovery Day Vancouver, government interaction and policy building involvement, in house team building events and speaking engagements.

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The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.


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