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Application for Agency Referral Terms

The Orchard Recovery Center is an international addiction treatment and rehabilitation specialist center with experience in providing treatment solutions for drug and alcohol addiction. With our many years experience, we offer world class programs through exceptional personal and dedicated service.

We understand the unique and important role you have in advising your clients about their healthcare needs. We also believe strongly in this relationship, which is why we place great value on you. Our experienced and knowledgeable team is on hand to guide you through the process of choosing the most appropriate program to match your clients' needs. As a specialist international health care provider, you know that you're working with the very best.


What can you expect when you become an Orchard Appointed Introducing Agent?

  • Expert and knowledgeable advice
  • Wide product/service/program range and support
  • Award winning therapists
  • Comprehensive treatment solutions
  • High quality documentation
  • Competitive fee schedules
  • A real interest in your business

Become part of our global intermediary network. Please click on the link above to download your Agency Application form. Complete and return it to us for processing and we will return to you with administrative protocols for introducing new clients.

Why You Should Apply

This channel can be a valuable resource to your business and extend your reach positively as a proactive, socially conscious and professionally aware organization practicing both domestically and internationally within the healthcare management, underwriting and delivery sectors.

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