Client Experience

Client Experience

You can look at our program like a road map for your recovery. Each day in treatment is another step closer to your destination! Each day brings new insights and perspectives. You get to encounter inner obstacles but also discover new pathways around them. You take time to sit and listen to lost longings and to remember the promises you once made to yourself. The longer you use the map, the easier it gets. The more you understand the terrain, the more you master your life.

We believe you deserve the best kind of treatment— treatment that works for your needs, values and goals. Our medical and clinical team will build a treatment plan that meets your needs at this stage of your recovery.
Each day you will be welcomed into an hour and a half of group therapy. In a safe, compassionate and respectful space, you will have the opportunity to share, explore and engage with others in a meaningful conversation.
We bring different speakers to share their perspectives with you. These are chosen carefully to enrich the scope of knowledge and practice you can gain from the program.
The Orchard staff are like guides on your voyage. We have walked the terrain of addiction and recovery and can point out dangers.
At its core, our program embodies the values and practice of the 12 step program. Each client at the Orchard has a recovery coach who takes them through the steps.
Clients are encouraged to share their stories, experience and perspectives with their peers.
Each day of the program was developed to deepen your training in reading the map of your life, while each week allows you to fully focus on one area.
Sunny, uplifting and clean! Our residence building is licensed by community care and maintains a high standard for residential care.
Kim, Gord and the rest of the kitchen team are here to provide healthy, delicious and nutritious meals.

I am a stronger human being in every way, my health, mind and spiritual soul have become something I never new lived within me. I thank the Orchard Recovery and Treatment Center and all its staff each and every sober day of my life!

Constance, Vancouver, B.C.

In a location free of distractions

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