Mind, Body and Soul


Our program is a holistic one. We believe in meeting the needs of our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual selves. Our well-equipped gym is a great way to relax and rejuvenate and the swimming pool soothes the body and mind. Our clients enjoy weekly nature walks for inspiration and fitness. The Orchard offers other body-centered options like personal trainers, acupuncture, massage therapy & Private Yoga sessions for a fee for service.

A 2,800 sq ft onsite fitness facility with full body fitness capacity.
Up to date equipment.
The gym is conveniently located on campus for easy access during the day.
Personal trainer, Massage and Personal Yoga classes are available on demand (as fee for service).
We believe in a whole person approach to recovery, one that nourishes the body and mind and inspires the soul.
Killarney Lake trail
Weekly nature walks are integrated into the recovery program.
Chantal Russell, our Yoga teacher, leads a weekly Yoga session that is focused on stress reduction and strength building.
Our art therapy session is an opportunity to explore yourself. All humans are a mystery, and with art, this mystery can be understood.
We integrate mindfulness into our group therapy and have a weekly mindfulness group.


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