Extended Care

extended care

Choosing this important next step provides the opportunity to deepen the recovery experience and integrate recovery into day to day life.

Executive accommodations for men or women are available on Bowen Island for those wishing to continue living in a beautiful, safe environment surrounded by nature.

As part of the Orchard Extended Care curriculum and program, our clients receive:

  • Access to Orchard’s physicians and psychiatrist.
  • Group therapy with expert addiction counsellors.
  • Five day’s educational program that includes:
    • Solution & goal-orientated processes for behavioural change.
    • Unique stress reduction workshops.
    • Aftercare workshops and seminars.
    • Workshops to improve coping skills.
    • Daily AA/NA meetings.
    • Recovery coaches.
    • Art therapy, weekly nature walks & music therapy.
    • Integrate peer recovery.
  • Continued access to the orchard’s 2,800 sq ft onsite fitness facility.
  • All alumni Benefits included.

Our extended care programming for Sober Living residents combines programming on Island and in the Orchard’s City office. Stays can last from several weeks to several months.


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