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Primary Care is the keystone of lifelong recovery. The Orchard's addiction recovery program is carefully designed, utilizing a multifaceted process, integrating a balance of clinical interventions, 12 step recovery, and holistic modalities.

The result: a personalized treatment plan which provides the strongest base for recovery.

Upon Arrival you will receive:
  • Diagnostic assessment that is evidence based.
  • Medical evaluation and detox protocol/monitoring by our ABAM certified addictions Doctors.
  • Private and group therapy with expert addiction counsellors.
  • Life skills strategies and a goal-oriented treatment plan.
  • Well proven and respected methodologies like trauma informed therapy, 12 steps, & integrative recovery.
  • Pyscho-Spiritual development that is based on your values and needs.
  • Relapse prevention seminars, workshops, workbooks and a clinically reviewed aftercare plan as part of our integrative recovery measures.
  • Weekly family programming and scheduled visiting times.
  • Holistic curriculum that includes:

    • Weekly Yoga, mindfulness, music and art therapy classes.
    • Daily Orchard-designed stress relief morning practice.
    • 2,800 sq ft onsite fitness facility and seasonal pool.
    • Wellness seminars & nature walks.
  • A one of a kind educational program that is wide in its scope and effective in its results, covering vital topics and issues in early recovery.
  • Included in the cost of our 28 day or longer programs are Alumni Benefits.


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