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The Orchard provides a range of treatment options, varying from introductory 10 day episodic stays to 28, 42 and 90 day+ extended stay programs. Programs can range from standard residential Primary Care through to extended and continuing care programs which provide a structured and direct support system for the year following your stay at the Orchard.

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Primary Care

Primary Care is the keystone of lifelong recovery. The Orchard's addiction recovery program is carefully designed, utilizing a multifaceted process, integrating a balance of clinical interventions, 12 step recovery, and holistic modalities.

The result: a personalized treatment plan which provides the strongest base for recovery.

Upon Arrival you will receive:
  • Diagnostic assessment that is evidence based.
  • Medical evaluation and detox protocol/monitoring by our ABAM certified addictions Doctors.
  • Private and group therapy with expert addiction counsellors.
  • Life skills strategies and a goal-oriented treatment plan.
  • Well proven and respected methodologies like trauma informed therapy, 12 steps, & integrative recovery.
  • Pyscho-Spiritual development that is based on your values and needs.
  • Relapse prevention seminars, workshops, workbooks and a clinically reviewed aftercare plan as part of our integrative recovery measures.
  • Weekly family programming and scheduled visiting times.
  • Holistic curriculum that includes:

    • Weekly Yoga, mindfulness, music and art therapy classes.
    • Daily Orchard-designed stress relief morning practice.
    • 2,800 sq ft onsite fitness facility and seasonal pool.
    • Wellness seminars & nature walks.
  • A one of a kind educational program that is wide in its scope and effective in its results, covering vital topics and issues in early recovery.
  • Included in the cost of our 28 day or longer programs are Alumni Benefits.

Meet our Primary Care Team


Medically assisted detox provides the safest approach, resulting in a decrease in the severity of symptoms often associated with opiate and alcohol withdrawal. Dr. Fay leads the Orchard’s award-winning medical team in assessing and managing the symptoms of withdrawal from any substance.

Detox is often the initial phase of treatment and is integrated into the Orchard’s multi-faceted program, which embraces structured sleep, regular hydration, nutritious meals, peer support and clinical intervention.

Readiness to participate in all aspects of programming is determined by the clinical team, the emphasis on the value of early participation.

Dr Patrick Fay is among the distinguished list of approximately 300 fellows worldwide to whom the members of the American Board of Addiction Medicine consult for guidance and leadership in addiction medicine.


Family Programs

Orchard Family Weekend Program

All Family Weekend Programming costs are included in the cost of the Primary Care Program.

Addiction is a disease that affects the whole family. The Orchard Recovery Center’s clients are encouraged to invite loved ones to our family weekend programming every Saturday at 10AM. All sessions include an interactive educational seminar, lunch and small process group with your loved one.

Once every six weeks the Orchard hosts an extended family program that includes a Friday seminar on rebuilding trust and guest speakers from 12 step support groups and a regular Saturday family program. The extended family long weekend invites loved ones to the Orchard on Friday and Saturday to focus on a more in-depth look at addiction and family dynamics.

View Family Program Schedule

View Visitor Information for more information about visiting your loved one while in treatment.

In these sessions loved ones will:

  • Learn to understand addiction.

  • Recognize how it affects their lives, relationships and family dynamics.

  • Learn tools to begin their own healing as they prepare for life with their loved ones after they return from treatment.

  • Partake in process groups with their loved ones*.

As part of our continuing care program, the Orchard provides a family process group on Wednesday Nights.

Recommended reading for families

    • Loving an Addict, Loving Yourself: The Top 10 Survival Tips for loving someone with an addiction – Candace Plattor (2009)
    • A Merry Go Round Called Denial – Al-Anon (1968)
    • Hope for Today – Al-Anon (2009)
    • Courage to Change: One Day at a Time in Al-Anon – Al-Anon (1992)
    • Co-Dependant No More – Melanie Beattie (1986)
    • Loving Someone in Recovery: The Answers you need when your partner is Recovery from Addiction – Beverly Berg (2014)
    • Addict In The Family: Stories of Loss, Hope, and Recovery – Beverly Conyers (2003)

*Clients without family in attendance have a separate meeting after lunch.


Extended Care

Choosing this important next step provides the opportunity to deepen the recovery experience and integrate recovery into day to day life.

Executive accommodations for men or women are available on Bowen Island for those wishing to continue living in a beautiful, safe environment surrounded by nature.

As part of the Orchard Extended Care curriculum and program, our clients receive:

  • Access to Orchard’s physicians and psychiatrist.
  • Group therapy with expert addiction counsellors.
  • Five day’s educational program that includes:
    • Solution & goal-orientated processes for behavioural change.
    • Unique stress reduction workshops.
    • Aftercare workshops and seminars.
    • Workshops to improve coping skills.
    • Daily AA/NA meetings.
    • Recovery coaches.
    • Art therapy, weekly nature walks & music therapy.
    • Integrate peer recovery.
  • Continued access to the orchard’s 2,800 sq ft onsite fitness facility.
  • All alumni Benefits included.

Our extended care programming for Sober Living residents combines programming on Island and in the Orchard’s City office. Stays can last from several weeks to several months.

I'm writing to say thank you for giving me the skills to live a real life. It has been three years since I was there and my life is blessed. If it wasn't for you guys, I don't know what kind of a mother I would be or if my son would be a part of my life. I will be eternally grateful to all the staff at the Orchard. Thank you.

Kate – Vancouver, BC

Continuing Care

Research confirms that a strong continuing care plan following residential treatment is critical to long-term sobriety. At the Orchard clients work with their counsellor and step coach to develop an individualized after-care treatment plan that is manageable and effective.

Full Alumni benefits include:
  • Weekly and then monthly check ups for one full year.*
  • The option of calling the Orchard for support, 24/7.*
  • Friends of the Orchard (FOO) Meetings held in Calgary and West Vancouver.*
  • Weekly dinner and Alumni meeting at the Orchard.
  • Monthly Alumni days.

For more details, please see Alumni services.

Fee for service:
  • Customized intensive day treatment for Orchard Alumni who have completed our 42 day primary care residential program.
  • Monday Night: Counsellor facilitated Group Therapy Workshop for Alumni.
  • WednesdayNight: Counsellor facilitated Group Therapy Workshop for Families.
  • Individual Counselling sessions.
  • Sober Link monitoring.

The Orchard West Vancouver office: Suite 300 – 545 Clyde Avenue, West Vancouver.

*Available to all clients.


We believe that staying connected is an important stepping stone to long lasting recovery. Orchard Connect is our way of providing ongoing support, so even after leaving the Orchard, we are here to help. Our Alumni have access to us in person every week, as well as by phone, e-mail, text messaging, and online chat. We reach out to our alumni through Facebook with both a company page and staff profiles, as well as with our monthly newsletter. With weekly meetings and monthly Alumni days, we make sure we stay connected to you.

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