Brad, Alberta.

Hi all. I just wanted to say thank you for the second chance at life you have given me. I never would have guessed how much my life could have improved by learning what you all have taught me. My family is very happy with the changes I’ve made. My family and friends are so proud of me as I am also. To admit defeat and surrender to drugs and alcohol takes a strong person. I used to worry what people would think of me being an “addict” most didn’t know and were completely shocked that I had to go and get help. The people I used to drink and drug with all respect me and do not come over with drinks or drugs, nor do they call or come over intoxicated. We still talk and some have been by for a cup of tea or hot chocolate. My sons have both improved their marks in school and have also improved in sports. I never realized how much I was negatively affecting their lives. We do readings and checkout every night, they love it. I bought a book called “The Secret”, also a “Secret” gratitude book, very good reading. My marriage which was over when I came to the Orchard, has now blossomed into a new loving relationship. My wife still does not admit she trusts me yet but I think she is well on the way as she sees the changes in me. Everyday I say the serenity prayer, take time to think before I speak and am able to control my thoughts. I am able to catch myself if I start to get irritated or frustrated, I have also told my wife and kids to call me on it if they see I am getting frustrated. I am very grateful for everyone and everything in my life, including you all at the Orchard. If you feel this letter will be helpful to someone who is struggling in recovery please read it to them. Thanks once again.

May 12, 2015 by Orchard Communications

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