Rhoda B & Mother, Toronto, O.N.

To Daryl who put up with my “Do you think I will make it?”, “Can you tell me if I will make it”? So far it’s been 36 months and I’m still on the journey. Thank you.

To the girls in the kitchen who brought me clothes (some of which I still wear) when all I had was a pair of sweat pants and a shirt. Thank you.

To Shelagh, for helping me find faith when God was not my friend. To this day, it’s God that gets me through the hard times. Thank you.

To Lorinda, for helping me on the last day of my stay. When the the one person who had been there for me was no longer there, she sat me down and somehow knew what I was feeling and I was able to cry. Thank you.

To all of you, for teaching me to get out there and face the world. These 3 years have not been easy- there has been loss, cancer in the family and struggles. I was told “not to use under any circumstances”. For this I thank you because through the struggles there has also been joy, love and life.
Rhoda B

I thought I had lost my beautiful daughter but then she came to the program at the Orchard and my heart started to hope that she would make it back to us. Even in the darkest moments of her life, I never stopped loving her ! Step by step you brought her back to me. I have my daughter back-and her daughters have their mom back. Also, I have my life back. Thank you to the family program that helped heal the family. I can finally sleep at night. Thank you to the Orchard- for teaching Rhoda how to do the work !

May 12, 2015 by Orchard Communications

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