Alumni Services

When you complete our 28 or 42 day program, you are also entitled to the following benefits:

  • Friends of the Orchard (FOO): FOO meetings provide a bridge between the Orchard and the outside community and take place regularly in West Vancouver and Calgary1,2. View the FOO meetings here.
  • Alumni Dinners: Every Thursday at 5:00 p.m., Orchard alumni are invited to join us for a delicious roast beef dinner or barbecued steak and the evening meeting at the Primary Care residence3.
  • Alumni Follow-up: Addiction recovery is an ongoing process and the Orchard's Step Coaches and counselors actively support clients for a full year after they leave treatment. The Orchard's step coaches actively support clients with weekly and then monthly check ups for one full year1.
  • Alumni Day: Our monthly alumni days are intended to deepen the process of change and growth for our alumni3.
  • Outpatient Services5Our Outpatient Program provides the support necessary for a successful transition from residential treatment to sober everyday living. Those who attend our drug rehab program will develop tools needed for recovery maintenance, establish realistic goals for their future, and gain coping skills to deal with the stress of every day life. Choose between (or join all of) our process groups1,2, out patient treatment4 and family group therapy.


1 – Available to all clients no matter the length of the program.
2 – Minimum 24 hours clean/sober time required to participate.
3 – Minimum 30 days clean/sober time required to participate.
4 – Minimum 42 days clean/sober time required to participate.
5 – Extra cost associated with these programs



While you and your loved ones know that you’ve changed, others may insist on “trusting but verifying." So let us help with that.

The Orchard alcohol rehab centre provides drug and alcohol monitoring services to individuals who must prove their ongoing abstinence for professional, legal or personal reasons. Monitoring involves regular check-in appointments, random drug and alcohol screening, and monthly reports to a contracted designate.

West Vancouver office for aftercare programs
Just outside our offices in West Vancouver which act as a hub for our aftercare programs


Monitoring Program Outline

The client is required to sign and adhere to an Aftercare Plan and Monitoring Contract. Regularly scheduled check-in appointments with a monitor are required as part of the Aftercare Plan and Monitoring Contract. The frequency and type of check-in (i.e. telephone or in-person) depends on specifics of the individual’s monitoring contract. The client will submit to regular and random drug and alcohol screening. Screens are requisitioned outside of appointment times and must be attended as requested. Recovery is a process not an event The designate (i.e. the employer, court or employee assistance provider) receives regular reports of the client’s compliance with the Aftercare Plan. Positive drug screens, refusal to attend a drug screen and repeated failure to attend scheduled appointments are immediately reported to the designate.



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