The Orchard Recovery Center is no ordinary place for addiction treatment. Our facilities are tucked away on Bowen Island, surrounded by West Coast rainforest. A former four-star resort turned addiction recovery center features comfortable guest rooms that welcome you with fireplaces and queen size beds. Relax by the large stone fireplace in the lounge, walk through the gardens or sit by the pool. We have a fully equipped gym and fitness center. Delicious and wholesome meals are a vital part of recovery and our dining room is headed by first rate chefs. Numerous onsite activities include nature walks, mindfulness practices, yoga, art and music therapy.

Client Experience

Client Experience

You can look at our program like a road map for your recovery. Each day in treatment is another step closer to your destination! Each day brings new insights and perspectives. You get to encounter inner obstacles but also discover new pathways around them. You take time to sit and listen to lost longings and to remember the promises you once made to yourself. The longer you use the map, the easier it gets. The more you understand the terrain, the more you master your life.

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Recovery Campus & Administrative Buildings

The Recovery Campus & Administrative buildings are where we see miracles happen each day. People who suffer for years due to substance abuse, discover a healthier way of being in the world and come alive. Here, our clients engage in what we call the “Orchard Experience”— A comprehensive and well researched program that is aimed at sustainable recovery. Our physicians, psychiatrist, therapists and nurses have developed a psycho-educational model that addresses the full spectrum of needs and issues of early recovery with a focus on after care and relapse prevention.

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To promote safety and comfort, the residence building is located in a private setting, surrounded by rain forests and lush green fields, with a majestic view that oversees the Island’s mountains. The facility features private and shared rooms, dining areas, a swimming pool (seasonal), media room and comfortable areas for clients to work on their recovery steps. Each morning, the clients wake up to fresh coffee, and a rich buffet of healthy breakfast options.

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kitchen staff

From the Kitchen

Generosity and heart is always in the menu, the planing and the offering! Our kitchen staff is working hard to make sure all of the meals are balanced and nutritious so our clients eat the kind of food that supports their recovery.

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bowen island marina

Bowen Island Location

A place of peace and quiet retreat, Bowen Island is only 20 minutes by ferry from West Vancouver and an hour from Vancouver’s international airport. This forested island has been a destination for healing and outdoor activities. With lakes, trails, rain forests and mountains, Bowen Island is an ideal setting for early recovery.

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Mind, Body and Soul

Our program is a holistic one. We believe in meeting the needs of our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual selves. Our well-equipped gym is a great way to relax and rejuvenate and the swimming pool soothes the body and mind. Our clients enjoy weekly nature walks for inspiration and fitness. The Orchard offers other body-centered options like personal trainers, acupuncture, massage therapy & Private Yoga sessions for a fee for service.

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serenity circle in garden

Serenity Circle & Garden

As part of the holistic and contemplative aspect of our recovery program, the Orchard Recovery Center provides places for reflection, meditation and prayer. One such place is the “Orchard Memorial Garden.” An arch welcomes the visitor into the space, honouring those who have passed away. The Orchard Memorial Garden includes a serenity bench ,built by a local artisan, which brings forward natural elements such a wood and rock that speaks to values of peace, truth and comfort.

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